Financial Pentagon | Presentations


1. Protection

✧ What are the 4 Pillars of an Abundant Retirement?

✧ Why stress testing your plan is vitally important to your retirement.

Here attendees will learn how not to run out of money so they can live the retirement lifestyle that they have dreamed about. By stress testing their plan annually, you’ll also learn what hidden obstacles are in your way of retiring.



2. Estate Planning

✧ How to avoid the 4 Wealth Predators.

✧ How to avoid the IRS from being your largest beneficiary.

During this part attendees will discover who their largest beneficiary is to their estate. Also they’ll be able to identify their red, yellow, and green assets and which ones are taxed once, twice, and up to three times by the government!



3. Investment Mix

✧ Does your Wealth Engine need a tune-up?

✧ Are you driving your Wealth Engine with one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator?

During this part, attendees will discover how taxes hurt their investments, how much risk they should take, what is the correct investment mix to have, how to determine the hidden costs of their investments, and what are the hidden blind spots and how to avoid them.



4. Tax Reduction Planning

✧ How to actively reduce your taxes by using the over 76,000 pages of the tax code to your advantage.

✧ Why IRA’s, annuities, and retirement plans can be the worst assets to have since they could be taxed up to three times!

In this section attendees will learn how to proactively reduce their taxes every year and also how to de-taxify their retirement accounts since it is a ticking tax bomb! Taxes in this country are confiscatory, but they are also voluntary as well, so let’s reduce them.



5. Retirement

✧ What is the 80% Retirement Myth and why it hurts all Americans.

✧ How to ensure you will never run out of money and live your Abundant Retirement.

In this section attendees will realize why saving too much in retirement plans is actually hazardous to your financial health. In addition, you will learn that most financial advisors are just using “assembly line” planning that helps these advisors out, but not you.


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