Financial Pentagon | Downloads


1. Protection

The first place we start is reviewing your current protection planning. We conduct a stress test to see how your planning stands up to the wealth predators: litigation, creditors, divorce, lifestyle risk, business risk, taxes, bad decision making and life’s uncertainties.



2. Estate Planning

What’s your legacy plan? Will the IRS be the largest beneficiary of your estate? Will your estate have an impact on those you love and care about?Let's look at your wealth from a legacy and a lifestyle standpoint.



3. Investment Mix

Friction can cause poor performance in your wealth engine. Let's identify the friction points that can dampen your retirement income and lifestyle.



4. Tax Planning

At the end of the year, most people just record their income and pay the tax! To us, that's like driving down the highway backwards, using your rear-view mirror. Let's plan ahead!



5. Retirement

Let's test your ability to sustain and support the retirement lifestyle you desire. What is it going to take for me to continue my lifestyle? How much wealth will I need? How reliable will that income be?


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